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About Me

Thanks for stopping by!

I have always spent as much time in my shop as my family allows me. Creating, rebuilding, restoring, or just making dust. It seems that people like the gadgets I come up and wanted to know what I was up to next. That is the simple origin of this site: to showcase the gadgets and doodads I’ve created.

I have been tearing apart or building stuff for my entire life. As a child I loved taking apart clocks and other similar pieces to find out how they worked. They never seemed to get put back together, though. My father built me my first work bench when I was only eight years old. From then it led to a career in engineering.

The last 13 years I have been operating a home maintenance and repair business called Randy Collings Home Services Inc., or, better known to my customers, “Handy Randy.”  I simply love creating things with tools (and having an excuse to buy more tools).

I hope you enjoy these creations.