I was hired to remove an old Caloric kitchen stove from a basement. The customer tried to sell it with no luck. This stove dates back to 1947 to 1953 based on the model number. The house sold and we had no choice but dismantle and haul it away as scrap. It had to be dismantled just to get it though the doors and up the stairs. When I removed this top piece a idea hit me. I couldn’t let this piece go to the scrap yard! I had to remove a lot of built up grease but it cleaned up nicely. I took out the old fluorescent light fixture and replaced it with LED’s. The left side held a two pronged outlet that I removed and installed a USB power charger. I mounted the whole thing to 1/2 inch Oak base and installed a 1/4 inch back so the light only shows through the glass window.  The clock still keeps good time so I left it in place. I found this really cool extension cord at Menards that is wrapped in a gray cloth to resemble the old cords used in the past. I cut the end off, threaded it through the back.